Female image candles are candles that were created to symbolize a person in your spiritual workings.  Figure candles work similarly to voodoo dolls or poppets by using sympathetic magic to aid in spell casting. Specific colors of the female correspond with the same as all colored candles lso you can carve a name or symbols and also they can be dressed with oils or hearbs according to your spell. 


The red candle can be used to represent passion, strength, love and carrer goals.  The green candle can represent physical healing, monetary success, tree and plant magic, growth and personal goals.  The black candle repells negitivity and draws protection.  Black can also be used to remove curses, hexs and binding spells.  Pink represents affection, romance, harmony and purity.  The candles are 7" tall x 2" wide.


Female Figure Candle


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